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Mad Maggie Farm

.......conjures up those songs of old which were being sung as we began our small family farm in Vermont in the late '60's. Those songs and that farming life are still with us today. We have been privileged to raise our children on the farm and to remain connected to the land throughout our lives. A commitment to sustainability has been our beacon in so many of our agricultural projects. We milked our cows for many years, produced hand-made Gouda and Cheddar cheese, grew fruits and berries on our pick your own farm, distributed veggies through our CSA, and now, work the wool from our flocks of sheep. We have always desired family sized projects that emphasize sustainability, permaculture techniques, and value added products. May the songs play on.

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Mad Maggie Farm • PO Box 83 • Rochelle VA 22738 • (540) 672-4537
For further information, e-mail: madomaggie@aol.com